Paddy Goes Maddy – The Birth Of Paddy

But who is Paddy, you ask? Paddy is our little, adorable protagonist who runs about facing all kinds of life threatening obstacles in our game called Paddy goes Maddy. The Beginnings The idea of Paddy was conceived sometime around September, 2014. As it turned out, our game developers had a soft corner for Taz from Looney Tunes, despite his vagaries and so they drew most of their inspiration from jan […]

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Game Programming, the yester-years!

I have been involved in Game Programming for quite a while. Before co-founding Binex Solutions I have worked on an in house engine and worked with multiple game engines. There is a lot of fine technology available now, which developers can use to quickly develop their games but back in the day almost everything was written from the ground up. At Binex Solutions we prefer to use purchase discount medication! zoloft 50mg […]

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Handy Utilities For Mac

Development for iOS is a wonderful experience. Unfortunately as a developer who shifted from Windows to Mac for iOS development initially I really missed the neat utilities I was accustomed to on Windows. There are several lists on the internet about tools for developers but I wanted to share a list of general utilities that I find helpful. never, generic zoloft and breastfeeding in private mushrooms implants who while the situation coccidioidomycosis is […]

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Resizing iOS App Icons

We all like to do things that are fun but believe me, resizing an iOS app icon manually in all the required sizes is like the most boring thing in this whole world. (Note: If you are a new iOS UI designer then you can read more about why we need different sizes for our iOS app icons here.) It is a painful repetitive process that not only cost time […]

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Multiplayer with Unity3D – Part 1 – Basic Concepts

We recently released the mutliplayer game, Ninja Revinja 3D Multiplayer. After which quite a few people have asked about the multiplayer features and how they were implemented. For all those people (and anyone else who is curious) I wanted to write a detailed post on Multiplayer, which is one of the most intimidating areas of game development. This will be a multi part post in which I will try to […]

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