June 13, 2018
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December 21, 2016
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Connected Keyboard


THE FIRST EVER Keyboard for sharing and transferring your information between social media platforms.(By Arcadia Apps) SHARE ANY URL – With the tap of a button, share your Facebook, Twitter, Personal URL, YouTube, LinkedIn, PayPal, Email, phone number, Pinterest and Instagram.

THE BEST KEYBOARD ADDITION SINCE EMOJI! – No more searching for hours on Facebook for someone with a common name! Send your friends your direct link with the touch of a button, already installed in your keyboard. Tired of spelling out your URL to everyone you meet? Just press your URL button once to send the link to anyone you want. Easily share your LinkedIn link to anyone at your next networking event, leaving you more time to actually network, instead of searching through profiles.

LINK SHARING IS ENDLESS! Add as many Links as you want – they will all be uploaded to your Keyboard instantly, and can be shared individually, or all at once.

INSTALLS EFFORTLESSLY – Install Connected Keyboard just once. Enter the URL’s for any and all Social Media platforms.

IOS KEYBOARD WITH A SPARK OF CONVENIENCE AND PERSONALITY! Connected Keyboard provides users with the same IOS keyboard they are already familiar with; auto – correct, predictive text, and vertical / horizontal use. ** But now, you can switch between new keyboard colors and themes **